Saturday, 31 January 2015

Relevance is relative

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear Chris Paton speak when he was in Australia in February 2014; and I am an avid reader of his books. But even I baulked at the extended treatment at the beginning of Discover Scottish church records of the web of schisms and reunions in the non-conformist churches.

As I flipped over to find "something more useful", I pitied any poor researcher who actually needed to work through that section because he had family involved in one of those sects.

I think the relevant expression is don't speak too soon.

Close examination of the registration details for the wedding of (2xgreat grandparents) Andrew Burton and Agnes Cameron on 28 October 1887, show that the ceremony was conducted by William B Gardiner according to the forms of the Original Secession Church.

So I am now elbow deep in the arcane distinctions between episcopalians and presbyterians, burghers and anti-burghers and the auld and new lichts.

I apologise Chris. I should never have doubted you. At least I remembered whose book it was that I had not read properly.

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