Our Surnames

Here is a list of the surnames that I am investigating as part of our family's history.

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Each is presented in the following format.

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  • Earliest documented record by time and place.
  • Arrival in Australia.
  • Marriage through which the name joined our tree.
  • The Burtons lived in Co Down Ireland before 3xgreat grandfather Robert moved the family to Scotland.
  • Most of the children of 2xgreat grandfather Andrew migrated to Australia during the 1920s.
  • Great grandmother Christina had married Robert Joseph McALLISTER in Belfast in 1923.
  • The Camerons were a Highland clan. 3xgreat grandfather John was born after the family moved to Renfrewshire.
  • 2xgreat grandmother Agnes travelled to Brisbane in 1929 to join her daughter (Christina BURTON) and grandsons.

  • Agnes married Andrew BURTON in Pollokshaws, Scotland.
  • Lived in the Black Country of the English midlands in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
  • 4xgreat grandfather Philemon and 3xgreat grandfather Philemon Lewis migrated to Queensland in 1866 as a family group.
  • Our mother Lynn Maree married Robert Joseph McAllister.
  • The family lived in the Hanover region of northern Germany in the nineteenth century.
  • 3xgreat grandfather Heinrich (and his brother George) sailed to Australia in the 1850s.
  • Grandmother Shirley Anne married Robert Joseph McAllister in 1951.
  • There are two DAVIES lines in our family tree which joined with the marriage of John (from Yorkshire) and Jane (from Rhyl).
  • 3xgreat grandfather John and his daughter Jane came to Queensland in 1888 as part of a family group.
  • 2xgreat grandmother Jane married Thomas Henry SUDDABY in Queensland.
  • 3xgreat grandfather James brought his family to Queensland in 188x aboard the Waroonga. Daughter Emily was born on the voyage.
  • 2xgreat grandmother Emily Waroonga married Alfred Edward NOYES in Queensland.
  • William Harley was living in Moreton Bay before 1860. We believe that he was transported as a convict in 1849.
  • Sisters Mary and Lucy HARLEY both married Philemon Lewis COLEY. Lucy is our 2xgreat grandmother.
  • Lived in the village of Uckermark in Prussia.
  • 4xgreat grandfather Michael followed his daughter Caroline Louise (our 3xgreat grandmother) to Queensland in 1866
  • Caroline married Henry (or Heinrich) CRAMER in Australia.
  • The LLOYDS were coal miners in Durham.
  • Great grandfather Thomas brought his family to Queensland in 1887.
  • 2xgreat grandmother Mary Ann married Ernest William Henry CRAMER in Queensland.
  • McALLISTERs claim descent from the Lord of the Isles. They were involved in the protestant plantation of Ulster in 16xx. Our branch can be traced to Co Tyrone.
  • Grandfather Robert Joseph migrated to Queensland in 1928 with his brother Andrew and his mother Christina BURTON.
  • The Medwells were itinerant agricultural labourers who settled in Northamptonshire.
  • 2xgreat grandmother Cornelia travelled to Queensland in 192x to join her son John WILKINS, who had migrated earlier.
  • Cornelia married Thomas Edward WILKINS.
  • Great grandmother Doreen married Alexander Clarence COLEY.
  • The SUDDABY family worked on farms in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
  • 3xgreat grandfather Henry and his brother John sailed to Queensland in 1870.
  • Great grandmother Isabel Corry married Sydney Thomas CRAMER in Brisbane in 1924.
  • Earliest record by time and place
  • Great grandfather John Haydn travelled to Queensland in 1924.
  • Our grandmother Audrey married Ronald Alexander COLEY in Brisbane in 1955.
  • Only 2xgreat grandmother Maud Mary travelled to Queensland in 1919 with her husband and three children.
  • Maud Mary married Frederick Charles THORPE.
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