Sunday, 28 April 2013

A cultural triumph

The recreation of the inaugural concert by the Brisbane Band in the City Botanic Gardens this afternoon was a great success.

The State Library of Queensland are to be commended on the effort that they put into ensuring the authenticity of the experience. They even arranged for some simulated "urchins".

"We were sorry to observe some urchins running recklessly among the shrubs and the flowerpots. Precautions will be taken to prevent a recurrence of this by placing policemen in the gardens.Moreton Bay Courier Saturday 26 September 1857

Fortunately, all ages enjoyed the performance without the need for police intervention. While the Bellini aria and the three cavatinas might not have been to the taste of all, the polka and the galop were universally enjoyed. One cannot help but believe that the same was probably true in 1857.

My enjoyment of the afternoon makes me even more determined to strip away the legend that has been thrown up around Professor Seal and to find the truth about these four musicians.

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