Friday, 13 July 2012

Born on Black Friday

It is tough to write a witty topical blog when your ancestors just will not cooperate.

What could be more appropriate on Friday the Thirteenth than to write about all those family members who were born on that day? After all with over 500 people in the database, if birthdays are distributed evenly throughout the month, there should be 17±2 that fall on the 13th.

Six! Just six people born on the thirteenth of anything on any day of the week. And only two of them were direct ancestors. The rest were siblings. So the chance of finding even one Black Friday Birthday was shrinking.

Perhaps it would be necessary to find some other odd coincidence to rescue the planned post. How likely is it that the two ancestors with birthdays on the 13th were a married couple? Well, not as impressive as the couple whose birthdays fall on the same day and month; so back to calendar checking.

13 January 1902 was a Monday, so great grandfather is no help. Which means that 13 October 1905 will be three days later. No wait … 1904 was a leap years so …

Great grandmother Isabel Corry SUDDABY was born on Friday the Thirteenth! Perhaps I could schedule this post to appear on 13 October 2017 when the 112th anniversary of her birth on a Black Friday falls on a Black Friday. Or I could just concede that this attempt to force topicality just does not fit our tree.

I did want to avoid the inclusion of anniversaries of death because of the ghoulish association with horror movies and other nonsense. And because, of all the known dates of death in the database, we have just one that falls on the thirteenth — Saturday 13 November 1852. [SIGH]

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