Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Place of death

I have continued to explore my fan charts for their ability to highlight pieces of information that otherwise tend to be lost in the noise.

Some interesting features emerge when you contrast place of birth (as shown in my 17 June post, Where do you think you are from) with a corresponding place of death chart.

Obviously, it shows that a few of us are still living (which I must admit to being quietly pleased about). It also highlights the number of people born elsewhere but who died here in Queensland -- those shown a little differently in On the move.

The surprises came in identifying the two ancestors who died in a place other than their birth, but not in Australia.

Our 3xgreat grandmother Jane Davies (not to be confused with her mother, Jane Davies, or her daughter, Jane Davies) left her birth-place Wales to live in England. Only after her death, did the rest of the family set sail for Queensland.

Our great grandfather Robert Joseph McAllister (not to be confused with his son, Robert Joseph, or his grandson, Robert Joseph) was born in Northern Ireland but died in North America (probably, Canada). He apparently set sail for Quebec with the expectation that his wife and children would follow. That they did not defines our family history.

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